Women; An Impulse In Gun Sales

The United States was founded on the belief that citizens had a right to self protection and their family. While open to all adults, men originally dominated in gun sales. As we advanced as a society, more and more women started to buy guns, as well. Women are sometimes referred to as the “fairer sex”, so it makes sense that they would require protection more than men who tend to be larger and stronger. Women are seeing the advantages that guns provide, and the numbers show it!

The Realities

The realities are quite simple. There is a trend of more women buying guns. While 62% of gun owners are still men, the numbers have been gradually shifting. Women tend to get guns later in life. A survey of 1,269 gun owners showed that the average woman gets her first gun at the age of 27. Most men get their first gun at the age of 19. Women are also less likely to use the gun for hunting or other sports. They globally buy a gun for protection. Women are also less likely to have their gun accessible and loaded when they are at home. Finally, women typically agree with proposed regulations on guns than men.

Is Gun ownership a necessity for women ?

All people, women, and men should have the ability to protect themselves from criminals and the government. There are debates about what types of guns should be legal, but even a simple handgun allows people the ability to scare off and injure a perpetrator if necessary. Also, the more people that own guns, the less likely criminals are to attack. They don’t want to get into an argument with someone who is armed. Finally, owning a gun gives people the opportunity to learn a new skill. Target shooting can be fun and can come in handy in an emergency. Guns also allow people to hunt more efficiently for both food and recreation.  

Whatever the personal reason for owning a gun, we have that right as American citizens. Guns aren’t just for men. Women also want to protect themselves and their families.  I say that it’s everyone right, and, according to gun sales, people are utilizing that right!

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