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Sig Sauer 1911 in Stock at the Best Price at Sig Sauer Gun Shop! The Sig Sauer 1911 Pistols are made from a higher standard and have legendary reliability and accuracy. Sig 1911 Pistols battle proven, Trusted by the elite military operators and civilians alike. Sig Pistols are engineered with many refinements, including ergonomics for today’s shooters. Also Sig Offers a wide variety of 1911 platforms in many different styles and color offerings. SIG Firearms manufactures many 1911 pistols for Military, Police, Private Security, Hunters and Shooters. Buy a SIG 1911 Pistol and find out why so many others count on them!

All Sig 1911 Pistols in Stock and on Sale

  • SIG 1911 Nitron Ultra Compact
  • SIG 1911 Nitron CA Legal
  • SIG 1911 C3
  • SIG 1911 STX
  • SIG 1911 STX MA Legal
  • SIG 1911 Stainless Rail CA Legal
  • SIG 1911 Emperor Scorpion
  • SIG 1911 Emperor Scorpion Carry
  • SIG 1911 Emperor Scorpion MA Legal
  • SIG 1911 Spartan II
  • SIG 1911 Spartan II Carry
  • SIG 1911 Tacops