Sig Sauer P238

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Sig Sauer P238

SIG SAUER P238 For Sale

SIG P238 and SIG SAUER P238 For Sale Online

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SIG SAUER P238 Pistols:

  • SIG P238 Rainbow Titanium
  • SIG P238 Rainbow Titanium MA Legal
  • SIG P238 Nitron Micro-Compact (Contrast Sights)
  • SIG P238 Desert
  • SIG P238 2-Tone CA Legal
  • SIG P238 Spartan II
  • SIG P238 HD CA Legal

SIG SAUER P238 Pistol is one of the smallest pistols on the market today, Great for a pocket gun, wallet holster gun, purse gun and ankle gun .The SIG P238 boast the same reliabilty and accuracy as the larger carry models sig offers. The P238 is very popular with men and women alike, most women are drawn to this pistol because of its compact size, color combinations and the ease of which the gun can be racked, Men perfer it as a back-up pistol. Some women do not have enough hand strength to rack some of the other brands even the small ones. That’s were the SIG P238 shines, it is probably the easiest handgun on the market to rack. With its overall length being a little over 5 inches a height of less than 4 inches and weighing in some models at 15 ounces or less. The SIG P238 is the ultimate firepower in sub compact concealed pistols.